I am Kamran Shafi, basically a businessman who tasted the flavors of all kind of trades and finally a bullet in the sequence. I am lucky and always thankful to Allah that I not only survived but came back with a new motive to help others. I remember that, how me and my two other friends used an internet cafe for the first time and then convinced the internet cafe owner to setup one for us in our home town for our personal usage. We invited him and paid for the equipment and later we turned it into a small semi commercial business. We earned a lot from that revolutionary thing. People were not aware that much of its usage but at least they were happy for cheap rates of outbound calls especially for U.S. and European countries. I never noticed that how a small business venture got success and how easily we shut that down without any reasonable excuse. Me and my friends just got busy in studies again and I joined my family business. Everything was awesome, I thank and mention Google for helping me since I started with internet. I figured out that how can I stand out among the people I am surrounded with, using the “how to” word. The same practice took me beyond the traditional limits and within no time I was a main supplier of a reputed Engine oil company. It is hard to say that I was happy in my family business or not but really in youth I switched from one business to another by using the same charisma without any hesitation. Hesitation sucks!, believe me. Apparently it was like, I am supporting others and people acknowledged my efforts as well, but it was just a business for me.
One day, I was on a routine collection survey when I was encountered by two guys with guns. They fired without any communication and/or negotiation and surprisingly they didn’t took my money which was approximately $3000 or more under my seat and some in my pockets. I can’t deny that this accident introduced me to a few real friends and a different face of life. I survived but my business couldn’t without my presence or maybe the required attention when I was on bed for months. The worst thing I believe was, the debt, when I wanted to continue again but I was having it already. Story becomes interesting when one of my friend called me for help. He visited Pakistan just as normal occasional tour but due to some unexplained issues he just got stuck here. He asked me to invest his money for him till he had to stay here so he can manage his expenses well and can go back with dignity. It was a risk though, but I took. Unbelievably, I just started the business of textile again and cleared all of my debts which were over $28,000 and returned his amount back to him. People who attended my sessions and/or workshops, they know about the story that how I was about to commit suicide and the same habit of Googling and curiosity to know the things in process behind, helped me to bypass that moment of death. I am sorry, it’s not that easy to write those moments in words. But yes, I figured it out that how can I provide my services online and I subscribed for Payoneer too. PayPal was not functional in our country obviously. After all these realities and hardships, I never tried or even posed to hide the information from my pupils or the guys who contacted me for help. And this attitude earned a lot of respect for me, students acknowledged and even their parents thanked in priceless way. I want to thank all of them who showed me the gratitude and even those who hesitated in expressing but I know they are having good intentions for me.
It’s hard to say that I love setbacks or setbacks love me but yes trigger get pulled always when it was planned to be. Just after reaching on peak in online service provision, I got hacked with all my important profiles and main accounts. It took four months to be in normal condition but the damages were far beyond my estimation. No complains with the fate as always but i truly admits that, there is more attraction in descend and it took time to takeoff once again, doesn’t matter that you are an eagle or a duck 🙂 Working on a book which will be launched in two languages at the same time with a complimentary DVD including video lectures about Freelancing and important tips for your business growth.